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New on the international market for professional kitchen equipment
Automatic MULTI GRILL – an excellent solution for cafes, bars, restaurants and other catering outlets, where it is impossible to cook barbecue over an open fire due to the lack of possibility of installing chimneys and other technical difficulties.

Automatic MULTI GRILL is used in a professional
kitchen for cooking
Lamb, poultry, pork kebabs
Vegetables in their own juice
Heating of finished products in the oven
Distinctive features & advantages
Attractive design
Functional and modern design
Amazing ergonomics of the workplace
Durable body
Stable body of 5 mm stainless steel, consisting of 4 sections, each bearing its functional load
Four sections
Each of four sections has its own semantic function, namely - oven, grill, barbecue with electric skewers and a tray for cooking vegetables in their own juice
Convenient to maintain
Convenient to maintain and sanitize
Energy saving
Low power consumption (3 kW/hour)

There is an opportunity now to cook the quality products in a short time and
to get the significant increase in staff productivity in a professional kitchen.
As a result, it does not require an increase in the number of staff in the kitchen.
Technical characteristics

MULTI GRILL comes with 32 pcs of skewers
Warranty period is 12 months from the date of sale

✓ Body is made of stainless steel (food grade) steel grade AISI 304 with a thickness of 5 mm.
✓ Weight - 80 kg.
✓ Productiveness - 8 kg per hour.
✓ Power consumption – 3 kwt.
✓ Mode of the product operation - cyclic, continuous.
✓ Time to enter the normal mode - 15 sec.
✓ Overall dimensions - 670х740х450 mm.

✓ Line voltage - 220 volts.
✓ Frequency - 50 Hz.
✓ Reliability indicator - Time to failure - 7000 hours.
✓ Average recovery time of the equipment - 1 hour.
✓ Automatic setting of cooking time for the entire range of products, with instructions on the scale of the setting point.
✓ Four working areas - oven, grill, barbecue, tray for cooking vegetables in their own juice.
✓ Control unit with backlight.

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